Wednesday, January 14, 2009




That was the question asked by the Contra Costa Times Sunday before last, January 4.  This last Sunday, January 11, the paper printed close to two dozen responses including mine repeated here.  I'd love to hear yours.


What is happening in Gaza is not a "war," but a long-planned, one-sided massacre being carried out under cover of journalistic darkness.  It was initiated only after getting a green light from the outgoing Administration, and continued thanks only to American vetoes of UN ceasefire efforts   – the parting legacy of a failed presidency.


What is being done is immoral and damaging to American – and Israeli – interests.  It is not too late, however, to pull Israel back from a self-destructive brink and retrieve our own self-esteem and tarnished image. 


The current Administration must immediately join the global consensus and demand of both Israel and Hamas a full, mutual ceasefire and the long-term opening of Gaza's borders.


The Obama Administration must then – on day one – engage all parties – Israel, Fatah, and Hamas at the highest level (Now there's a job for Bill Clinton!)  to negotiate seriously on the basis of the Saudi plan – '67 borders, divided Jerusalem, reparations for the refuges of 1948 and 1967, and full recognition of Israel by Palestine and all Arab States. 


No more rockets, no more settlements, no more eye-for-an-eye idiocy.  Enough!  In the name of God, enough!   


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