Saturday, April 10, 2010


I had intended Holy Saturday to be a day of rest and reflection.  It was instead disturbed by an open carry gun rally in Vallejo's waterfront park - an event chronicled on video at (What does a deacon do?  Check out the last five minutes) and commented on below.
Easter Sunday turned out to be very special, not so much because of the pleasant service, the kids, the new faces, and the potluck at Christ the Lord, but because of the moving Open Cathedral in the cold and drenching rain – our third Easter, our second anniversary of faithfulness in the Tenderloin.  We were all wet and chilled to the bone, but it was really "Church!"  There were new faces there, too, and old ones…our regulars.  Souls were touched and moved and John Patrick, a congregant, wrote on the back of a paper plate:
                                          More Than Just About A Bunny
                                    Here we collect and gather this day
                                    As we find a connection to fulfil what we say
                                    Perhaps we pray for the spirit of Christ
who has risen again
                                    Provided we enjoy and share this Easter
with family and friend
                                    You can depend upon the season to be
inclement or even sunny
                                    Eager to worship and equip those in need…
And maybe see the Easter Bunny
                                    And its funny and fair all the unconditional love
                                    So aware of the children of God who are here
                                    Thankful and pure
                                    A sandwich can be the cure
                                    Everyone will stay within this open circle
                                                so strong
                                    Realizing it's not surprising
                                                that I could write them a song.
Nancy Pennekamp, the other deacon at the service, took some photos.  Here's one:

On Monday I slept late.
Happy Easter, Happy Passover, Happy Spring.

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  1. Oh, that was a rather friendly confrontation. That's nice. Nobody got hurt :)